Why Mathematics?

  • It is the language of nature! It is really intuitive
  • It will change your insight about everything
  • It can help you in every single aspect of your life
  • It is a super tool that helped humanity over the course of history, so it can help you as well.

Math Is Easy

You may have bad experiences or certain fear from math, but that should not not all!
  • If you know why, it would make sense
  • If you release many problems in mathematics took hundreds if not thousands of years to be solved you will not feel bad if it takes you a few hours to understand.
  • If you can related mathematical concept with real life application then it would be very easy to understand both sides.

Our Passion Is Math and Its Applications

  • Simply we are in love with math and we like to share our passion with everyone
  • We constantly research about various mathematical topics in both pure and applied areas (please look at the current research Project to learn more).
  • We believe teaching mathematics is a way of giving back to the community. Moreover, teaching would benefit both students and teachers in understanding the concept.

How We Do It

  • Explaining the reasons behind mathematical concepts
  • Provide enough example to make sure the concept is understood
  • Provide enough study materials to makes sure the concepts are fully understood
  • Let students to engage in various research and applied section to better understand the materials